Squee and Ramble

Whether over the Autobiography of Jane Eyre, Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Lord of the Rings, Emma Approved, Harry Potter or whatever else catches my fancy, there will be sqeeing, and there will be rambling. :)

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Soooo… I was watching the first Nothing Much To Do Q and A where they were discussing which Hogwarts houses they would be in (Except they didn’t mention Balth so I headcanoned Ravenclaw as it puts emphasis on not only intelligence but creativity which of course includes music) I also saw a couple of HP AU’s floating around. Then because I have no self-control this AU picspam sort of happened… consider this my completely weird  entry to the flamangoes fandom. (Also I apologize in advance to all the lovely real life people who have now been photoshopped into Hogwarts screencaps. Keep up the great work guys!)

Benedick isn’t a muggle, in fact I reckon he’d be every bit the Gryffindor Bea would be.

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